Miniature Cherub Hand Painted in Silver Vintage Style

Valentines Day Gift, Miniature Cherub Hand Painted in Silver Vintage Style, Decorative Gift To Her, Aged Sylver Decoration
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  • Materiales: Hand Painted, Resin Statuette
Alto: 10 centímetros Ancho: 3 centímetros Fondo: 3 centímetros



Beautiful handmade statuette resin in silver vintage that hangs elegantly decorating any indoor or outdoor area of the home.

  • Measures 10 x 3 x 3 cm / 3,93 x 1,18 x 1,18 in.
  • Includes a beautiful gift box.
  • Available in 15 diferents colors.
  • The whole process from its manufacture to the completion of the product is handmade.

This little angel hanging from your hands adorns lamps, vases, or outdoor planters.
Decorates leaning on surfaces such as tables, furniture, small tables, desks. For its good presentation is a very ideal gift for mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, co-workers, wives, etc. A very original and its careful and elegant presentation makes it an ideal gift.